Audemars Piguet Women – I am the Special Part Two

Audemars Piguet Women – Audrey Tautou
She is bold and independent and love what she just chose, she is the Wonderful girl Emily in Amelie from Montmartre and she is the unique Audrey Tautou in the field of movie. She never drift with the current, but with all her heart to follow film works with really inspire thoughts and that can touch her soul, and regarded the film as a unique creative arts. Now she because of independent bold heart become more full of charm, and the butterflies in the eyes do not losing her touch. Independent and bold are the is personality of Audrey Tautou and is also the vivid portrayal of Audemars Piguet millennium series women’s wrist watches.

Audemars Piguet Women – Freida Pinto
She is confident with breakthrough, and firmness and warmth in her heart . The Audemars Piguet newest brand ambassador and international super star Freida Pinto interpreted a modern woman independent self-confident personality traits. She rose to fame because of Slumdog Millionaire, and with many different style of the films, and she continuously breaks through acting and crushed all kinds of questions, to occupy a place in the international film industry. She forges ahead in her acting career, and also zealously devotes to charity, makes her effort on the women’s rights career, to show the distinctive glamour of confident and attractive.

For forging ahead the career and life, Freida Pinto sends out a confident and attractive character charm, like the Audemars Piguet millennium series lady watches that is adhering to the details. Audemars Piguet ladies watch not only echoing to continues to change women’s way of life, but also more loyal on the wearer’s unique personality. They wear Audemars Piguet lady watches to break through the tradition of female image, and dare to make public individual character, keep the pursuit of breakthrough with self-confidence courage; But does not lose the female’s intelligent charm, grace and elegance. Audemars Piguet women unique charm and the remarkable Audemars Piguet lady watches on the wrist display the beauty of age women together.

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